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Supplement your current training program or start an apprentice program from scratch with VR simulations from Transfr. Our simulated first-person sims provide a safe virtual platform where learners can develop confidence and competence in vital trade skills.

Higher Education & Community Colleges

Transfr is building on ramps to career pathways for millions of working learners who will be the future of every industry including healthcare, manufacturing, green technology — just to name a few. In partnership with regions across the country, Transfr also offers competency-based simulated hands-on skills training for adult learners using immersive technologies.

Primary and Secondary Education K-12

Transfr solutions are carefully crafted to deliver high-quality education and provide the support required for students to explore new careers and succeed. Transfr solutions aim to nurture collaboration among educational institutions and local employers in order to benefit the students.

An illustration of a training session between a trainer and a student
An illustration of a training session between a trainer and a student

Justice Impacted

Transfr believes in second chances and is a proud supporter of educational and workforce development initiatives focused on youth and adults who have current or previous justice-involvement. Through virtual and augmented reality, Transfr is able to offer access to skills training and career navigation for in-demand, well-paid jobs that hire justice-impacted youth and adults both in-facility before release as well as in-community.

Non Profits

Transfr’s VR training programs are strategically developed to assist non-profit organizations in their dedicated efforts to serve their communities. VR training leverages portable headsets, providing a distinctive and flexible approach compared to traditional learning methods.

Workforce Development Boards

Transfr solutions for career exploration and skills development are curated by experts and align with national standards for industry skill requirements. Transfr VR learning experiences are tailored to deliver unbiased, safe, cost-effective training without compromising the training quality or need for additional resources. 

Industrial Training​ Solutions

Staffing crisis and slow productivity growth are just two of the many problems faced by companies in traditional industries like skilled trades and automotive which is further complicated by the mass exodus of baby boomer retirements. High employee turnover due to lack of training, burnouts, and low job satisfaction have been a major contributing factor to this problem. 

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Transfr is Building Classroom-to-Career Pathways for Everyone

Transfr’s mission is to train the future of every industry and open up new opportunities for people across the globe. We create unique pathways to well-paying jobs available now in high-demand fields, enabling learners to find job security and upward mobility, facilitated by immersive, simulated hands-on training.