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In the heart of this changing world, a staggering 43 million adults yearn for the transformative power of adult education according to the US Department of Education. As the work environment constantly shifts, qualifications and skills are no longer enough to thrive in this dynamic landscape. Career navigation tools that help people understand, choose, and prepare for new opportunities have become vital for adult workers.These tools not only highlight career pathways but  inject a sense of optimism and readiness into the learner’s journey towards a range of rewarding careers.


Transfr is building on ramps to career pathways for millions of working learners who will be the future of every industry including healthcare, manufacturing, green technology, name a few. In partnership with various regions across the country, Transfr also offers competency-based hands-on skills training for adult learners using immersive technologies. Skills training from Transfr enhances the traditional learning methods while delivering uncompromising quality in a cost-effective manner.


Empower adult learners

To enhance adult education nationwide, it’s crucial to expand class availability and flexibility, particularly into rural regions. Educators have to be provided with the necessary resources to assist adults with diverse abilities, and tackle societal and mental obstacles that impede adult engagement in classes. Integrating technical and academic instructions to align with the evolving workforce needs will effectively prepare adult learners for success.


Transfr VR training solutions offer portable VR headsets that redefine learning, reaching adults wherever they are with unparalleled convenience and guidance. Empowering them with industry-relevant insights and hands-on guided skills training, these tools pave informed pathways for a rewarding career. Together with Transfr solutions, adult learners can break down the knowledge barriers for new industry needs, as they retain 3x times the knowledge through VR based training compared to traditional training methods.


Transfr solutions align with labor market information, ensuring that adults can learn about and train for careers in their area which helps remove barriers to a successful career.

“Hands-on access to VR is a virtue in itself, and it’s been instrumental in getting adult learners closer to their career goals in living-wage industries.”

Katherine Maloney, VP of Workforce Development, MoKan Goodwill


Career navigation for adult learners

Navigating careers as an adult poses unique challenges. Prior work commitments, limited time, and changing industries can make it difficult to chart a clear path forward. Additionally, acquiring new skills and staying relevant is essential, but often challenging. Balancing these factors while pursuing a meaningful career growth can be extremely demanding. Transfr’s VR solutions empower adult learners by providing targeted guidance through career navigation and training simulations which align with high-wage, high-demand careers in every region across the nation.


Transfr VR simulations offer continuous upskilling opportunities, through competency based skills training which allows for a swift transition from theory to application and enables optimized career navigation possibilities.


Transfr solutions help adult learners make informed decisions with industry relevant content, empower adults to progress their careers, and take learning into their own hands. 

“Career navigation tools — which help people understand, choose, and prepare for career opportunities — have become vital to career success.”

Citation: U.S. Department of Education


Investment in adult learning programs

Designing and implementing adult learning programs which ensures high adoption and success rates requires a focused mindset which aligns with the mind of an adult learner. Adult learners prefer self directed learning methods which give them specific outcomes and are usually trying to build on their existing knowledge.


Investment from employers and workforce boards in adult learning programs will help build a highly motivated workforce, combat issues rising from the demographic cliff, and such investments can be used to constantly upskill and reskill the workforce which will result in higher employee satisfaction and retention.


Transfr solutions for adult learners are crafted meticulously by industry experts who ensure learners feel relevant with the skills training, and feel motivated to pave a career path. Transfr solutions are application oriented which allows adult learners to quickly shift the skills into a practical work environment and build competencies.

“This program is creating 5-star recruits: Teachers are empowered and engaged, students are better qualified and ready for success on day one. “

Donny Jones, COO West Alabama Works


Flexible learning opportunities


Time and cost efficient learning without schedule constraints. Easy on-demand learning offered for earners with undivided one-on-one attention.


Self directed training


Unbiased and non judgemental learning environment. Consistent feedback and guidance with interactive and immersive learning experience


Risk free skills training


Safe environment for learners and trainers that bridges gaps in job awareness, training, hiring, and retention with exposure to hazardous tools or work environment


Upskilling and reskilling opportunities


Training alignment with industry standards and in-demand skills. Competency development based training curriculum

Training simulations offered
Reduction in training and job placement time
Training simulations completed

Transfr offers VR based solutions to support adult learners navigate new careers and develop competency-based skills for in-demand careers. Transfr solutions build on ramps to career pathways for millions of working learners while delivering uncompromised training quality in a cost-effective manner.

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