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Staffing crisis and slow productivity growth are just two of the many problems faced by companies in traditional industries like skilled trades and automotive which is further complicated by the mass exodus of baby boomer retirements. High employee turnover due to lack of training, burnouts, and low job satisfaction have been a major contributing factor to this problem. Many employers are staring at an increased demand for blue collar workers, but are forced to operate with inadequate resources to keep the lights on.


Transfr partners with employers in various industries to support their efforts to raise job awareness and attract new talent to the workforce. Transfr VR solutions for industrial training can rapidly train and upskill new hires without high capital investment. Transfr’s immersive training simulations align with industry standards and are equipped with virtual trainers to ensure consistent training delivery. Transfr solutions are a one stop solution for recruitment, skills development, and continuous learning. 


Expand talent pipelines for apprentices and new hires

Rapidly increasing wage rates for new hires, voluntary quits, and lack of interest in blue collar jobs are forcing many companies to operate with inadequate and overstretched resources. Qualified talent is available to hire which also includes opportunity youth, justice involved individuals, and veterans who are ready to make a rewarding career change given proper awareness and training. In light of the acute labor shortages, corporations in blue collar industries will benefit from expanding their recruitment strategies to include awareness campaigns and employee development programs.


Transfr’s unbiased and non-judgmental VR solutions provide individualized attention to all trainees, and support corporations in attracting quality talent. Transfr creates engaging immersive experiences to raise jobs awareness and develop interest in candidates to join the workforce.


Implementation of VR training simulations from Transfr develops a safe exposure to the real work environment, which allows companies to develop pre-qualification training programs.

“Students work in laboratories that mimic work environments for the real world, training to earn industry-standard certifications that can help them enter employment right after high school.”

– Jennifer Baker, Director of Career and Technical Education at the Center for Advanced Careers


Upskill and reskill to enhance productivity

Employers in skilled trades and other traditional industries face an increased demand for blue collar workers, while staring at a shrinking supply of qualified candidates. Enhancing labor productivity is important for these employers since labor productivity growth has only increased by 0.9% per year on average in the last decade, compared to 2-3% annual increase prior to the Great Recession. Demand for upskilling and reskilling the workforce in critical skills is rising. 


Training in VR with Transfr  is cost effective, safe, offers unlimited practice, and proven to improve retention. Through ourVR training modules, ramp up time for new hires and apprentices can be reduced dramatically. Employers do not have to compromise on production or additional resources to upskill new employees. Transfr solutions are curated by experts and are built to industry standards of NCCER, ASE, and OSHA which allows for stress-free adoption.

“Hands-on access to VR is a virtue in itself, and it’s been instrumental in getting adult learners closer to their career goals in living-wage industries.”

– Katherine Maloney, VP of Workforce Development, MoKan Goodwill


Revamp employee training programs

Adoption of emerging technologies in employee training programs is a balancing act for employers in traditional industries. Squeezing profits due to high labor turnover, slow productivity growth, and low labor quality add an extra layer of complexity to the company budgeting process. A majority of the employers tend to assign low priority to employee training and revamps to their training programs. This results in a drop in employee morale, reduced job satisfaction, high employee turnover, and high probability of human errors which further complicates the problem.


Transfr solutions are carefully designed to be implemented as standalone or add-on to existing training programs. Our training simulations are easy to set up requiring just a wi-fi connection, which also alleviates any training setup expenses for employers. All of Transfr’s solutions come equipped with a virtual trainer, who provides continuous guidance and feedback to the employees during the training routine without bias or judgment. Partnership with Transfr ensures adoption of cost-effective immersive training techniques which ensures enhanced training delivery without compromising on quality.

“I have yet to find a program that provides the wraparound services that we do. The VR component allows someone to really learn the skills and get the repetitions that they need to be able to produce results in the field, making them highly sought after employees.”

Beau Pollock, CEO TRIO


Virtual skills trainer


On-demand virtual trainer offers continuous guidance and interaction with the learner ensuring critical skills development


Unlimited practice


With unlimited practice opportunities in a virtual environment, trainees build confidence without expensing resources


Industry standards alignment


Simulations align to in-demand job requirements and trends to ensure competency based skills development


Secure and impartial education


Learning in a non-discriminatory digital setting enables learners of every age and physical capability to learn and train at their individual speed

Training simulations offered
Training simulations completed

Transfr’s VR training solutions for industrial companies are meticulously curated to combat the problems of acute labor shortage, low productivity, and training quality. Industry aligned training simulations from Transfr support rapid upskilling and reskilling of employees and are a perfect enhancement to your existing training programs.

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