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VR Training Solutions for K-12

Generation Alpha seek convenience, effectiveness, and quickness in their everyday lives. Be it in travel, entertainment or education, the new generation craves innovation and belonging in everything they experience. The world has started to slowly adapt itself and cater to such demands of the new generation.


In stark contrast to a few decades ago, today every bit of information is available to be consumed in any format for an individual at their fingertips. In such a situation the need of the hour becomes the enhancement of the traditional learning methods which impart basic, unbiased, and quality education while keeping up with the order of the new world.


The K-12 school system and the associated educational facilities strive to keep the learning relevant, useful and interesting to the enrolled students. Existing challenges like lack of access to technology and diminishing student engagement drive the need to revamp the programs. Transfr solutions are carefully crafted to deliver high-quality education and provide the support required for students to explore new careers and succeed. Transfr solutions aim to nurture collaboration among educational institutions and local employers in order to benefit the students.


Enhance program quality and enrollment

Drive students to the halls of learning, with mentors as guides and lessons profound, nurture their future and let them fly high!


K-12 school systems face a unique challenge of designing and implementing learning programs which cater to the program’s mission and vision, but at the same time excite more students to enroll and complete the courses. Balancing these demands mean that the programs need to have more capacity and grants to accommodate students, reduce expenses during expansion in terms of instructors or facilities and be technologically advanced in the courses offered.


Transfr solutions help in program expansions without compromising on quality of training. Transfr VR solutions do not entail high capital investment and are updated regularly to meet the current industry standards for skills training. Immersive learning solutions from Transfr help attract more students and drive student engagement and course completion. Transfr solutions align with the job market requirements and the perfect add-on to your educational curriculum.

“We have programs in high schools as well. We are putting Transfr in the classrooms. We’re seeing students hurrying to finish their work so they can get on the VR system. It’s a great incentive for them. Today’s youth grew up on video games. Being able to reach them through a different platform that they’re used to is great.”

Tom Mudano, CEO, AmSkills 


Provide equitable access to learning

“In the realm of learning, where dreams take off and a beacon of hope lights up, equal chances bloom for all to rise up, no matter their hue or earnings”



Irrespective of race, income, or geographical location, provision of equal learning opportunities is becoming the primary objective of all the schools in the K-12 system. Even with such a noble cause, there are a multitude of challenges which the schools need to overcome. Lack of qualified teachers and resources limit the school’s ability to provide quality education and undivided attention to students.



Enhancing the traditional learning methods to incorporate immersive and real life experiences require access to funding which is also limited for many school systems and underserved communities.



Transfr VR solutions for K-12 are designed keeping the learner and educator in mind. Transfr solutions are portable and are equipped with the luxury of a digital teacher who provides unlimited and undivided guidance to each student as they learn new skills. Lessons in Transfr VR solutions are curated by educational and industry professionals to ensure students are engaged and motivated in their learning process.

“The Transfr VR system allows you to work with sometimes dangerous equipment in a safe setting, says Tom. “We don’t have to bring in a thousand-dollar piece of equipment or risk people damaging a million-dollar piece of equipment because they can do it virtually.”

– Donny Jones, COO West Alabama Works 


Provide career exploration opportunities

“Embark on a journey, weaving through constellations of career pathways till you arrive at your true north star, in which you shall thrive.”


Career exploration as a student in this rapidly evolving job market is a strenuous process. Without expert guidance either through career counselors or from teachers at school, many students are unaware of the wide array of jobs in various industries and the potential of building a highly rewarding career.


Unfortunately the lack of bandwidth for qualified career counselors and the burnout of qualified teachers in the school systems do not complement student’s needs well. Transfr VR solutions for K-12 guide students through career exploration and training simulations which align with high-wage, high-demand careers in every industry.


Transfr VR simulations offer immersive learning opportunities, and through simulations which emulate real life working conditions and requirements, Transfr solutions help students make informed decisions about their careers choices. Instructors and counselors can support the students by viewing the training progress, ratings, and steer them on a pathway to achieve success

“This program is creating 5-star recruits: Teachers are empowered and engaged, students are better qualified and ready for success on day one. “

Tom Mudano, CEO, AmSkills 


 Access to in-demand career pathways


Simulations explore STEM and skilled trade careers, with focus to increase readiness and awareness through career exposure


Industry standard training simulations


Simulations align with national standards bodies like NCCER, ASE, MSSC, and more to prepare students safely for on the job requirements


On-demand digital mentor


Simulations include preparation, engagement, and reflection guided by a digital coach who also assesses performance and learning retention



Portable training solutions


VR simulations are portable, easy to set up, and do not require additional facilities or instructors

Training simulations offered
Reduction in training and job placement time
Training simulations completed

Transfr offers VR based solutions to support students explore new careers and develop aptitude-based skills for in-demand careers. Transfr solutions build classroom to career pathways for millions of students while delivering uncompromised training quality in a cost-effective manner

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