We Are Transfr

Our Story

Transfr is creating classroom-to-careers pathways, training the next generation of workers for well-paying jobs across every industry via hands-on, simulated training that teaches critical skills for in-demand jobs. 

As an economic development platform, we work together with community organizations, workforce development groups, educational institutions, and industry leaders to help create better futures for workers, employers, and the communities that they call home.


Transfr’s hands-on simulation training provides an immersive learning environment that gives trainees real-world experience in the skills they need for well-paying jobs.

Guided by a digital coach, they receive expert, personal instruction that teaches them how to perform essential tasks, gives feedback based on their specific actions, and assesses performance in order to help students improve.

Transfr’s community partners have used immersive, simulated training modules to help workers build skills, increase job placement rates, and improve job retention rates.

Our Mission

Transfr’s mission is to train the future of every industry and open up new opportunities for people across the globe.

We create unique pathways to well-paying jobs available now in high-demand fields, enabling learners to find job security and upward mobility facilitated by immersive, hands-on training.

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