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Creating a New Pipeline Out of Incarceration and Into Careers

Transfr believes in second chances and is a proud supporter of educational and workforce development initiatives focused on youth and adults who have current or previous justice-involvement. Though the purpose of reentry and juvenile programming is to reduce recidivism and rehabilitate, many states still struggle with recidivism rates at or above 40%. This means nearly 1 in 2 will end up repeating the cycle of arrest and incarceration.  Youth and adults exiting incarceration or completing at-home monitoring are presented with a mountain of challenges and barriers to successful reentry that take an invested ecosystem to address.  


Through strategic partnerships, meaningful reentry and juvenile justice initiatives increase access to social supports, mental health and recovery services, housing, education, and workforce development initiatives that train and help connect individuals directly to employment.  These initiatives reduce recidivism and save taxpayers millions of dollars.  The U.S. Department of Education found that “every dollar invested in prison educational programs saves taxpayers up to five dollars.” Approximately 95% of individuals that have been arrested will return to society. Reentry initiatives acknowledge that the individual who was arrested is more than their mistake — they have hopes and dreams, a family, a purpose. Reentry initiatives also acknowledge that helping these individuals connect with meaningful support and employment make our communities safer, healthier, and wealthier.


Through virtual and augmented reality, Transfr is able to offer access to skills training and career navigation for in-demand, well-paid jobs that hire justice-impacted youth and adults both in-facility before release as well as in-community.


Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice partners are utilizing Transfr both in-facility and in-community to
  • Foster excitement about learning
  • Explore local in-demand, well-paid careers
  • Utilize VR as an incentive program to increase positive behaviors
  • Streamline youth into CTE-programming at local schools
  • Connect youth to local youth-serving nonprofits and mentorship programs
  • Connect youth to local hands-on training initiatives
  • Create pathways to healthy adults, jobs, and social supports in-community

Jails, Prisons, and Correctional Industries

Transfr is partnered with jails, prisons, and CI across the country to provide industry-aligned skills training for in-demand local careers.  The success of these initiatives hinges on access to training and education prior to release, pipelines to local employers, and soft hand-offs to community-based partners who can provide mental health, recovery, housing, and other social support.  Correctional Industry partners have utilized Transfr to both onboard new employees as well as prepare inmates for reentering the community.


In addition to industry-aligned skills training and career exploration, Transfr also offers individuals who are incarcerated the opportunity to 


  • Utilize and master new technology 
  • Be immersed in and transported to a different environment without ever leaving the facility
  • Receive training without the use of hazardous or sharp materials
  • Empower learners who have not been successful in traditional classroom settings by allowing them to 
    • Practice skills in privacy with a virtual coach
    • Utilize visual, audio, and kinesthetic learning styles simultaneously
    • Fostering excitement for learning and hope for the future

“Hands-on access to VR is a virtue in itself, and it’s been instrumental in getting adult learners closer to their career goals in living-wage industries.”

Katherine Maloney, VP of Workforce Development, MoKan Goodwill


Community-Based Reentry Programming

Transfr is partnering with nonprofits, probation/parole, community colleges, and workforce development board to create ecosystems and reentry programming across the country focused on engaging returning citizens with the necessary resources and skills to break cycles of recidivism and incarceration.


By augmenting in-person training with Transfr’s VR headsets, community-based partners have

  • Halved reentry workforce development programming time
  • Halved job placement time 
  • Increased retention with job placement
    • Individuals have clear idea what the job environment is like 
    • What skills are necessary
    • If they have an aptitude or interest in this type of job/industry
  • Increased access to career exploration and workforce development programming without the added costs of labs, specialized staff, or transportation costs

“This program is creating 5-star recruits: Teachers are empowered and engaged, students are better qualified and ready for success on day one. “

Donny Jones, COO West Alabama Works


Secure and portable training



VR headsets bring the training directly to trainees, no need to transport trainees to different sites.  Headsets will need to be charged and given access to Wifi to work. Headsets are restricted to access only Transfr’s simulations and comply with facility security regulations.

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Safe learning environment


Safe environment for learners and trainers that bridges gaps in job awareness, training, hiring, and retention. Enables skills practice without exposing trainees to sharp or hazardous materials.

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Explore and train for in-demand, high-paying careers


 Before careers are added to career exploration and skills training, Transfr researches that these careers are in-demand and are compensated above a living-wage.

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Transfr’s training only requires facilitation, it does not require expertise from the teacher/facilitator.  It does not require labs or material costs.  It does not require transportation.  It does not require any special spaces and can be accomplished in any room with WiFi access.  Reducing recidivism with increased employability and access saves taxpayers millions of dollars.  In the state of Illinois, each instance of recidivism costs the state of IL $118, 746.

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Training simulations offered
Reduction in training and job placement time
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Transfr VR offers solutions to enhance reentry and juvenile justice programs, foster excitement for learning, increase employability, and decrease recidivism rates

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How have other facilities secured WiFi for Transfr’s programming?

Transfr VR simulations and headsets are being used in jails, prisons, and juvenile facilities across the country, but they do require a Wifi connection. Much like the tablets used in many facilities, the headsets are only equipped with the Transfr app and cannot browse the internet, the app store, or any kind of chat.


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