VR Training Solutions for the Non Profits 

Non-profit organizations are specifically structured and dedicated to providing assistance and resources aimed at supporting the education of both young and adult individuals. By focusing on education, they seek to equip youth and adult individuals with the necessary knowledge, skills, and opportunities to overcome socio-economic barriers, help them gain independence, and improve their overall quality of life.

Transfr’s VR training programs are strategically developed to assist non-profit organizations in their dedicated efforts to serve their communities. VR training leverages portable headsets, providing a distinctive and flexible approach compared to traditional learning methods. Despite the adaptability and convenience offered, the quality of education remains uncompromised and partnering with Transfr offers an immersive and engaging learning experience that meets the evolving needs of a wide array of communities. 


Provide equitable opportunities for young individuals

Youth organizations and after-school programs are essential in assisting students in bridging the gap between their classroom education and their future aspirations. Collaborating with Transfr can be a significant stride for such non-profit organizations and also to improve their working relationships with local schools. Transfr VR platform provides students with a valuable chance to explore diverse career possibilities and acquire hands-on experience in various fields. Through immersive VR modules centered around firefighting, automotive, hospitality, and a wide variety of other careers, students can partake in job simulations free from pressure or judgment. This immersive experience fosters a higher level of comfort, enhances confidence, and cultivates effective communication skills.

“We want members to see that they can provide for a family with skills and jobs they can get right here. It only takes one generation to break the generational poverty cycle. We want our youth to be the generation that breaks the cycle.”

Jon York, CEO of Boys & Girls Club of Rush County


Develop essential employability skills among adults

Adult learners face immense challenges as they confront societal stigma and numerous restrictions on their path to developing the necessary skills for securing employment across industries. The absence of educational opportunities and skills training further compounds their struggle in finding and sustaining well-paying jobs.


Transfr’s VR simulations play a vital role in tackling these obstacles by bridging gaps in skills training, hiring, and job retention. Through Transfr’s VR simulations, adult learners experience a safe virtual learning environment where they can actively engage in learning and practice essential skills. With an extensive library of over 280 career skill training simulations, individuals gain the opportunity to acquire in-demand skills like construction, manufacturing, automotive etc. within a simulated work environment.


Transfr’s VR simulations are thoughtfully crafted to empower and uplift individuals across various life journeys, including those seeking rehabilitation, individuals facing persistent poverty, and those striving to transition into more financially stable careers

“Hands-on access to VR is a virtue in itself, and it’s been instrumental in getting adult learners closer to their career goals in living-wage industries.”

Katherine Maloney, VP of Workforce Development, MoKan Goodwill


Design career paths for the differently abled

Differently-abled individuals often face employment and advancement barriers due to prejudice and discrimination. Stereotypes and misconceptions about their abilities can limit job opportunities and lead to lower expectations from employers.


Transfr’s VR solutions offer a valuable resource by providing access to high-quality education and training programs, enabling differently-abled individuals to acquire the skills and qualifications necessary for career growth. With a wide range of in-demand skills training available in a non-judgmental environment, Transfr eliminates barriers and cultivates a supportive and inclusive atmosphere for career success.


Organizations can leverage Transfr’s VR solutions to empower differently-abled individuals, helping them thrive in their chosen careers and contribute their unique talents and perspectives to the workforce.

“This program is creating 5-star recruits: Teachers are empowered and engaged, students are better qualified and ready for success on day one. “

Donny Jones, COO West Alabama Works


Zero additional resources


Easy setup process, secure and immersive training within a virtual work environment, leading to the development of employability skills with a significant reduction in training time compared to traditional methods


Empower learners


VR headsets offer easy portability and serve as a compelling recruiting tool to attract learners. The use of VR headsets also provides flexibility in scheduling, catering to the diverse needs of learners


Risk free skills training


Safe environment for learners and trainers that bridges gaps in job awareness, training, hiring, and retention with exposure to hazardous tools or work environment


Supportive digital mentor


Immersive experiences with a digital coach, dedicated to providing motivation, confidence, and to gain essential education, develop vital skills, secure employment, and successfully build a career

Training simulations offered
Reduction in training and job placement time
Training simulations completed

Transfr’s inclusive VR training programs are meticulously designed to support non-profit organizations in their unwavering commitment to serve the community. Join hands with Transfr today!

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