Texas Workforce Boards Revolutionize Career Exploration with Transfr

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Transfr is building classroom-to-career pathways for millions of workers who will be the future of every industry. For many job seekers in Texas, those pathways start in local workforce development boards and schools. lmmersive hands-on career exploration and training simulations from Transfr are being used across the state to broaden horizons for adults, as well as middle school students, who are charged with making informed decisions about their career pathways before entering high school.

With VR simulations, workforce boards can serve their populations without specialized equipment or access to expensive facilities. Transfr partners with 18 of 28 total workforce boards in Texas, covering over 80% of the state, with 4,800 youths and job seekers having completed over 6,300 career exploration simulations.

Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas uses Transfr for career exploration and job training

Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas (WSWCT ) has pioneered the use of Transfr since July 2021 with over 950 unique users having completed almost 1,500 simulations. The board and its contractor support relationships with Arrow Ford, Goodwill West Texas, Adult Education and Literacy of West Central Texas, Cisco Community College, and local school districts (ISDs).

Goodwill West Texas leverages Transfr’s Manufacturing and Skilled Trades modules to up skill and reskill its current employees. Cisco Community College uses Transfr’s Automotive modules to train, certify, and employ adult learners within WSWCT’s region. After successfully finishing Transfr simulations, learners receive certificates of completion from WSWCT that can lead to career advancement and help them along their training and career development journey.

Workforce Solutions Coastal Bend Expands Career Exploration in Schools with Transfr

It’s never too early to start thinking about a career path. Coastal Bend is leveraging Transfr in schools to broaden career exploration horizons for hundreds of students in the region. Since January 2022, WFS Coastal Bend has brought career exploration simulations to 800+ students across 11 counties, who completed almost 1,000 sims.

Their unique, engaging approach to using VR including special “VR Days” at area schools helps generate interest and excitement among students and has helped the board get buy-in from school districts to engage in fun and new ways to help students learn.

Career Exploration

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The team powering WFS Coastal Bend’s Career Exploration success

As the Career and Education Outreach Team, Samantha Smolik and Luis Rodriguez have been instrumental in successfully integrating Transfr into the board’s other efforts. They’ve been champions for both the students and communities they serve, bringing Transfr’s VR technology into CTE spaces at the schools they serve.

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“Our experience with Transfr has been amazing! Transfr is working with our board & has given us the opportunity to go out and do something with it and it’s been a tremendous success. Seeing people’s eyes light up — children and adults — never gets old! The simulations really do give you a well-rounded idea of what it’s like to work in that field.”



“Transfr has been phenomenal. It’s very new and different, an amazing innovation. We’re able to bring these simulations out into the field and show them different careers. It’s been a life-changing experience for myself, the organization, and the students. Doing career exploration via VR gives them a different perspective.”



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