Career Exploration 2.0

Career Exploration 2.0 provides immersive learning opportunities to guide learners from the classroom to meaningful careers.

Transfr empowers learners through a comprehensive career development platform to navigate new career paths, enhance job satisfaction, and adapt to the evolving job market.


Career Exploration 2.0​

Transfr’s VR solutions provide immersive learning opportunities, guiding young learners from the classroom to meaningful careers. Transfr empowers adults through a comprehensive career development to navigate new career paths, enhance job satisfaction, and adapt to the evolving job market.

The features

Immersive Career Exploration With Transfr VR

Transfr's Career Exploration enables learners to discover a wide array of career possibilities and make informed choices about their future careers.

CE 2.0 Semiconductor

Career Exploration dashboard

The Career Exploration dashboard allows instructors and counselors to view explorer progress and ratings so they can see which occupations the explorers are most interested in and steer them on a pathway to achieve success.

Explore a variety of in-demand careers

Transfr’s immersive learning experiences aid students in delving into diverse career clusters and industries, providing insights into the daily responsibilities within each occupation. 

Efficient and effective VR experiences

Recognizing the expectations of modern learners for exciting and efficient experiences, simulations are designed by an expert to ensure an accurate portrayal of the occupation.

Each simulation offers explorers a hands-on encounter with an actual task from a prospective career, while giving them insights into the skills that will be required to succeed in the role.

Virtual career coach

Explorers are guided through simulations by a diverse group of virtual coaches that help them complete hands-on tasks and give them insights into the careers.

Use Cases

Building classroom to career pathways with Transfr

Transfr is constructing educational pathways from classrooms to careers, fostering the future workforce across multiple industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, green technology, and more. Through immersive technologies and partnerships with schools, learners engage in hands-on training, preparing them for success in their chosen fields.

Improve student engagement

Overcoming outdated views of skilled trades, Transfr offers cost-effective alternatives to field trips and career fairs. Learners in the K-12 systems can now explore the world of work through immersive simulations, featuring hands-on instructions for real life tasks.

Improve career counseling


Career counselors who face a difficult task of supporting a high number of students researching career opportunities are able to utilize Transfr’s solutions for a streamlined career exploration process.

Transfr’s revised simulations represent many industries and clusters of occupations empowering students to perform independent exploration,
allowing the counselor to spend more constructive and focused time with their students.

Develop workforce pipelines


Employers and workforce boards who want to build recruiting pipelines and attract talent to their industry can utilize Transfr’s revised simulations while partnering with local K-12 systems.

Employers are able to engage with students and expose them to the real life working conditions and job opportunities to build a sustainable workforce.

Explore new career opportunities

Transfr’s immersive learning simulations empower adult learners to evaluate their skills and interests, equipping them to navigate the intricate job market, make sound career decisions, and achieve successful career transitions or advancements.

How We Help

Transfr’s VR simulations elevate your training experience

In today’s world, career exploration is intricately linked to the ever-changing job market, presenting a challenge in aligning career aspirations with the available opportunities.

This dynamic creates hurdles for students and adult learners alike when it comes to effectively exploring and navigating career paths. Insufficient access to comprehensive and precise information regarding diverse career options hampers their ability to make well-informed decisions about their professional journeys.

Moreover, a disparity often arises between the skills individuals possess and those demanded by the job market, further complicating the process.



The Transfr Career Exploration experience offers hands-on simulations showcasing different career paths that allow students and job seekers to understand their career options, experience what it’s like to work a day in the life in multiple careers, and ultimately get on a path to a well-paying, in-demand career.


Transfr’s revised Career Exploration simulations offer a virtual coach, real-time progress tracking, and insightful data to guide explorers in occupations that spark their interest. It allows tracking of explorers’ career preferences and facilitates trend identification for multiple classrooms and supports individuals in making informed decisions about their careers.

Customer Story

Indiana Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs Embraces VR Career Exploration

At 31 Boys & Girls Club locations across Indiana, members are immersing themselves in a variety of occupations through virtual reality (VR) career exploration simulations from Transfr.

“We’re focused on education and career development. With this expansion into career development, we’re finding that kids aren’t really interested in just having a guest speaker come in. We were looking for something more engaging. They really are engaged by Transfr.”

 Lana Taylor, Executive Director for the Indiana Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs

Upgrade Your Career Exploration Program With Transfr

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