Transfr Press Roundup: Boys&Girls Clubs, Electrical Construction, and More

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At Transfr, we’re a collection of doers. We’re focused on creating best-in-class simulations to train the future of every industry as well as building the relationships between educators, workforce development orgs, community groups, and employers that will help job seekers get into well-paying careers in high-growth industries. All that doesn’t mean we’re too busy to share a bit of good news when it comes our way — especially when it’s about us!

In the first of these recurring news roundups, we look at stories about our recent electrical construction sim releases, the Indiana Boys&Girls Club using VR career exploration, and students getting excited about STEM! Dig in and definitely check out our News section for the latest reporting on Transfr as well as original content.

Electrical construction VR sims released!

Powering the workforce of the future requires a solid foundation and a dedicated team. With high-growth industries struggling to keep up with the demands to find skilled workers, it’s become increasingly important to create the right training pathways for workers, bringing together skills and demand. The National Electrical Contractors Association reports that the demand for new electricians will grow by 9% through 2030). With a median annual income of $60,000, that puts workers on a well-paying career path without racking up unmanageable debt.

In order to help more people embrace this amazing opportunity, Transfr partnered with Houston, TX’s TRIO Electric to release a collection of Electrical Construction simulations. Putting people on their personal pathways to prosperity is key to the Transfr mission; CEO Bharani Rajakumar had this to say about the new sims:


“To keep pace with the complex demands of the electrical industry, employers are in search of new and creative ways to develop the skilled workforce that this dynamic industry demands.”

TRIO Electric is an electrical design, construction, and service firm and a critical partner on these new Transfr simulations — helping translate their in-house training program into VR. TRIO President and CEO, Beau Pollock, shared some of the pain points the industry was facing:


“Finding electrical instructors is difficult and time-consuming,” Beau explains. “And training requires us to use the same materials that technicians use on the job.”


Turning TRIO’s Electrician Training Program into virtual simulations helps trainees develop hands-on skills with the assistance of a digital coach, in a fully-immersive environment, and without using up expensive materials. Together, Transfr and TRIO are helping train tomorrow’s workforce today!

Indiana Boys&Girls Clubs embrace VR career exploration

Discovering the right career for students should be exciting! The Indiana Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs is embracing a modern twist on that sentiment by incorporating virtual reality career exploration into their programs across the state.


With Transfr’s career exploration simulations, Boys & Girls Club students can try their hands at putting up power lines or landing a plane. Students are also exposed to other career pathways, like healthcare and hospitality. Lana Taylor, Executive Director for the Indiana Alliance, shared that since implementation it has helped clubs reconnect with teens who fell off their radar during the first couple years of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Just having the experience and the exposure to it has been really good, even for the little guys,” says Lana. “Because what we’re finding is you need to start early.”

Discovering a student’s career pathway will take exposure to an array of possibilities. Tom Darling, Director of Career Exploration and Product Market Fit at Transfr had this to say about his learnings from being in the workforce development field for two decades: 

“Few students know what they want to do when they’re exposed to traditional career-exploration programs starting in seventh or eighth grade, so the goal of the VR simulations is to help students find a path that interests them.”

Getting excited about STEM in Texas!

Creating opportunities to explore careers is shown to be one of the most important elements to helping students get on career paths in today’s world. Iredell Statesville schools celebrated National STEM Day with virtual reality,  immersing students in Transfr’s VR career exploration simulations.


During this exciting event, led by Middle School Career Development Coordinator Juli Tipton, CTE-STEM Coach Dr. Debra, and  Deb Sahley from Lakeshore Elementary School, fifth grade students explored STEM-related careers via an array of simulations. Giving students deeper insights into the daily tasks of various jobs is one of the most unique and powerful features of VR career exploration.


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