Live Event

SETA 2023

Mar 13 – 15 | Memphis, TN


Thank you for your interest in this upcoming Transfr event! Stop by and see us during SETA for a live presentation, demo or reach out to us.


We’ll be presenting on Virtual Reality’s Impact on Career Exploration and Training

March 14, 2023
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM CT
Speakers: Bethany Ferrall, Workforce Advisor 

An overview of virtual reality in career exploration and virtual training, a guide of how our simulations align with the career clusters and expose students to a wide range of career paths, and the successes we have seen in training and job placement throughout the country. Virtual Reality training and career exploration give students, learners, or employees the opportunity to learn in a fully immersive environment that keeps them engaged throughout the experience, allows them to make mistakes and learn safely, and improves their confidence in their career choice and/or training.


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