Opportunity Bundles

Empower with Transfr

Introducing Transfr’s bundles program to empower learners of all ages. Designed by education and industry experts and intended to meet learners where they are, bundles serve a variety of learners by providing an intentional and sequenced continuum of activities that address career, preparation and training.

Transfr bundles strive to:

Use Cases

Transfr bundles have been intricately designed to meet the demands of these specified sectors 

Reentry organizations and correctional facilities

Through the provision of a comprehensive package for returning citizens, Transfr can offer significant cost savings on licenses and can also help your organization meet certain success metrics. Individuals are given the opportunity to create and sustain a healthy adulthood by providing access to specialized training in high-demand careers before re-introduction. Moreover, these successes can contribute to the overall reduction of recidivism rates in your community.

Community colleges and workforce development boards

Through partnership with Transfr, your organization can help cultivate a strong passion for a lucrative, in-demand profession and develop collaboration prospects with local employers. Transfr’s training programs support seamless transition for learners from classroom to a high paying career. Successful program completions can also increase the likelihood of securing additional grants and funding for your organization.

Product Bundles

Bundle 1

Manufacturing, Construction and Electrical Construction

Unlock the realm of skilled trades training bundles and explore the integration of skills-based training for high-paying occupations into your education programs. Cultivate qualified candidates for sought-after roles, elevating job placements in construction, manufacturing, and electricians. Amplify enrollment and retention rates, by fostering a heightened sense of engagement during training, and craft job-ready individuals while enriching both satisfaction and safety during training delivery. Dive into bundles harmonized with OSHA 10 standards for a comprehensive learning journey.

Bundle 2

Manufacturing, Construction and Hospitality

Designed with learners in mind, Transfr’s bundled approach not only offers cost savings on licenses but also addresses key metrics, providing access to skilled training for high-demand careers for learners of all ages. This accelerates new employment or a career change, enhances job retention, and supports the development of a healthy society. Utilizing virtual reality, Transfr extends skills training and career navigation for justice-impacted individuals and adult learners, forging pathways to well-paid jobs for everyone. Transfr’s collaboration with industry partners enhances the impact of onboarding new employees and prepares individuals of all ages to be successful in their career and life.

Bundle 3

Automotive and Diesel Technology

Forge a new wave of automotive technicians for the workforce, nurturing the upcoming generation to uphold a thriving transportation industry. Transfr bundles add value by sparking interest in a high-paying, high-demand careers, while fostering partnerships with local employers to create seamless classroom-to-career transitions and enhance job placements. This also amplifies opportunities for grants and funding through successful program completion. Anticipated impacts include increased engagement, program enrollment, retention, job-ready candidates, and job satisfaction. Experience the distinctive advantage of bundles meticulously designed to align with ASE certification standards for the automotive industry.

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