“…a projected 795,700 electricians will be needed by 2030.”

US Dept of Labor

The construction industry employs the most electricians at about 537,700 people. That number is expected to grow by 11.3% over the next 8 years.

About Our Electrical Construction Simulations

The Challenge 


Training in electrical construction is expensive, requires a certain level of perfected experience on day one, and can be dangerous.

The Solution

Transfr’s Electrical Construction simulations are the perfect solution. With VR training, electrical construction can be learned in a safe environment. It reduces the cost for both employers and trainees, lowering barriers of entry to the field. Most importantly, it gives employees knowledge and level of comfort on day one.

Electrical Construction Overview

Upward with Transfr


The electrical construction industry is in crisis: Electricians are retiring at an unsustainable pace — averting disaster will take a combination of technology and human effort. We sat down with Director of Instructional Design on Electrical Construction Kelly Novic and SMEs Johnnie Parker and Myron Laurent to discuss how we built our new Electrical Construction training modules to help deal with this crisis!


Building a line of new VR training simulations for a trade is a complex job — no one can do it alone! We sat down with Trio CEO Beau Pollock and Transfr CEO Bharani Rajakumar, and labor expert Eric Seleznow from Jobs for the Future to discuss how these new Electrical Construction sims got built and how they’ll help the industry.

Use Transfr to grow your community’s electrical construction workforce.


Enhance your CTE program with electrical construction skills modules without expensive equipment or specialized facilities.


Prepare your workforce for the electrical construction industry and build a local pipeline of qualified applicants.


Prepare green trainees for the rigors of the field and upskill your existing workers with must-have knowledge.

How It Works

Transfr’s Virtual Training Facility prepares trainees for the essential tasks they’ll need to know on actual construction sites. With one-on-one attention from a virtual coach who adapts to learner performance, Transfr safely replicates an on-the-job environment anywhere — in rural areas, at home, and in the classroom.


Immersive training has been shown to have higher knowledge retention when compared to video tutorials, slide presentations, or other methods. Transfr simulations can help you develop a ready pool of electrical construction professionals in pre-apprenticeship programs, technical colleges, high schools, and workforce development departments, while reducing cost and risk.

Virtual Coach

A virtual coach guides learners through a supervised tutorial with tools and environments that replicate construction settings without expensive equipment or specialized classrooms.

Adaptive Learning

Scalable, portable simulations provide a safe, risk-free environment for learners to practice and master new skills.

Performance Dashboard

Transfr dashboards provide educators with a group- and individual-level view into progress, performance, and insights into shared learning challenges.

Why Transfr?

Transfr is creating classroom-to-careers pathways, to train the next generation of workers for well-paying jobs across every industry via immersive hands-on simulated training programs that develop critical skills for employment in well-paying, in-demand jobs.


As an economic development platform, we work together with community organizations, workforce development groups, educational institutions, and industry leaders, to help build better futures for workers, employers, and the communities that they call home.

Ready to make a difference with Transfr?

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