The Transfr SDK: Empowering XR Creators to Revolutionize Skills Training

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The world of work is constantly changing and the way organizations train the workforce of the future must evolve to keep up. Here at Transfr, our mission is to help people from diverse pools of undiscovered talent build their unique pathways into well-paying careers with upward mobility.

One of our most powerful tools in this mission is using extended reality (XR) and virtual reality (VR). We’ve created over 300 VR simulations that transform the skills and knowledge of a wide array of subject matter experts (SMEs) into immersive career exploration and training experiences. These simulations enhance educational and vocational programs of all kinds, helping students and job seekers find the right fit for their skills and inclinations.

But we can’t do it alone: That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’re supercharging our ability to help more people with the launch of the Transfr Software Development Kit (SDK)!

The Transfr SDK signals the start of a new era of interactive and immersive training possibilities — it’s also an amazing new opportunity for creators like you to be part of this transformative journey. With the Transfr SDK, more creators from around the world will be able to leverage their unique skills and backgrounds to build more VR training simulations, faster, and ultimately help more people! Read on to learn how we’re giving creators the tools and support to change the world.

Transfr SDK: A gateway to creating revolutionary training simulations

The Transfr SDK empowers 3D designers and developers to build complex VR training simulations more quickly and simply than ever before. It does this by providing a set of Unity-based low-code design tools that allow you to create interactive VR training simulations with ease.

“This development kit is not just a technical advancement,” says Bharani Rajakumar, Transfr CEO. “It’s a call to talented creators of all kinds to contribute to a mission that’s reshaping the landscape of learning and development!”

Drawing from five years of experience in producing our own content library, the Transfr SDK is packed with features that will ignite your creative drive and allow you to build sims with ease. Some of the powerful tools at your disposal include state management, custom mechanics, interactions, and the unique addition of custom virtual coaches. These features are designed to help you construct sophisticated, interactive training simulations that are not just educational but also deeply engaging.

The presence of digital coaches in these simulations adds a personalized touch, making the learning experience more intuitive and effective. As a creator, you have the power to deploy these digital mentors, tailoring them to the specific needs and contexts of the training modules. They’re a powerful tool to connect with learners and keep them motivated.

“During the simulation, digital coaches direct the user’s attention towards subjects that they need to focus on and deliver personable instructions and reminders that guide the user through the experience,” explains Shelley Hu, Executive Producer at Transfr. “The design of our digital coaches has been thoughtfully diverse to include representations from different ethnic and gender backgrounds. These diverse representations speak well to our customers and have been well-received by the students.”

Harness your skills and creativity to craft experiences that not only engage but also empower countless students at over 1,000 locations across the United States. As part of the Transfr suite of simulations, your creations will play a pivotal role in helping job seekers of all kinds make their ways towards meaningful, skilled careers.

Join the closed beta — create alongside a select few

Currently, the Transfr SDK is in an invite-only closed beta, meaning that building with us is an exclusive opportunity for select partners to be pioneers in this field. If you’re a 3D designer or developer with a passion for creating impactful educational content, this is your chance to be at the forefront of VR training innovation.

We are inviting you and your organization to sign up for the Transfr SDK program Closed Beta. At first we will only onboard a limited number of partners; however, if you do not get selected now we will be reaching out to you at the end of every quarter as we expand our capacity to support partners. Click here to fill out the simple application and a representative from the Transfr SDK program will reach out if you and your organization qualifies. Our goal is to give you white-glove treatment as you are onboarded and trained so that you can get the most out of this amazing collection of tools.

“After years of working with amazing developers and designers all over the world on our sims and tools, we’re excited for even more collaborators to get a chance to see what our talented team has built,” says Evan Harper, Transfr VP of Engineering.

Supporting your journey: The Partner Development Fund

Being a developer or simulation designer isn’t just a creative calling — it’s work, and we know your time is valuable! That’s why along with our closed SDK beta, we’re also announcing a Partner Development Fund. This initiative is designed to deliver some financial support to help you along your journey of creating the most engaging and effective skills training simulations in the world!

“We understand that building industry-leading simulations at scale isn’t just about providing tools,” says Bharani. “It’s about providing support in all ways and nurturing a community of creators who are committed to making a difference and giving them some financial support to help them do amazing work!”

If you are selected for the closed beta you will automatically be eligible to access the Partner Development Fund.

Be part of the VR skills training revolution

As Transfr embarks on this exciting new phase, we urge you — the creators, the innovators, the dreamers — to join us in our mission to make skills training accessible and engaging for everyone. Your talent and creativity have the power to open doors of opportunity and help create pathways for upward mobility for people from diverse pools of undiscovered talent via cutting-edge VR training experiences.

“Embrace this opportunity to be a part of something immense,” Bharani says. “Your designs, your simulations, your creativity can be the key that unlocks a world of possibilities for learners across the nation. Join the mission, embrace the challenge, and let’s transform the landscape of vocational training together!”

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Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma, General Manager Interactive Learning at Transfr, has been in the tech industry for almost 20 years. Before joining the Transfr team he was the first operational hire at Unity Technologies, eventually helping Unity through its journey towards IPO. Prior to this, Gaurav also played key roles at Groupon, Flurry, Yahoo, and Verizon.