Workforce Development Board
Mid-Ohio Valley:
Changing Lives in WV

The Workforce Development Board Mid-Ohio Valley (WDB-MOV) is building classroom-to-career pathways for students and job seekers who will be the future of industries in the region. 


The board, which serves nine counties in West Virginia, takes a multifaceted approach workforce development and has built strong partnerships with Transfr, the Building and Trades Council, and in local high schools.

“Our partnership with Transfr allows us to engage secondary students as well as adults, and share with them a vast variety of career opportunities. They’re able to explore their own pathways while leveraging relationships with the skilled trades.

The individuals that we serve get hands-on reinforcement along with their virtual reality experiences. Everyone enjoys an improved ability to choose their path as opposed to settling when it comes to making career decisions.

At the end of the day, this is a true economic development initiative.”
Bill Monterosso, Executive Director
Sim environment in a factory

WDB-MOV awarded $1.49M ARC Power grant to supercharge workforce development

In October 2022, WDB-MOV was awarded a $1.49M ARC Power grant through their project “Seeing West Virginia’s Future Through a Different Lens.” The project will help WBD-MOV develop and revitalize the workforce in the Mid-Ohio Valley region by combining VR career exploration and job training sims in key industries with wraparound services from local providers. 



The initiative is designed to provide multigenerational support, starting with eighth graders and will expand to serve unemployed, underemployed, or non-participating adults across nine coal-impacted and economically distressed counties. 


Over the three-year grant period, the project is expected to benefit 2,850 adult workers/trainees and 2,970 students, helping them identify talents and career interests and raise awareness of opportunities in in-demand occupations, as well as enable them to earn a professional credential or certification.

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