West Alabama Works Uses VR for Career Exploration

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Date started: February 2021

Groups served: Middle and high school students

Number served: 1,100

Main use case: Career exploration for middle and high schoolers, geared towards increasing enrollment in CTE (Modern Manufacturing Classes)

West Alabama Works (WAW), a Local Workforce Development Board (LWDB), uses Transfr to provide career exploration through immersive learning to 8th and 9th grade students. This increases students’ abilities to make educated, informed decisions about career paths.


The introduction of Transfr’s Career Exploration Facility’ (CEF) into the classroom created immediate excitement: Students and teachers couldn’t wait to get their hands on the new technology!


Students lined the halls to be the first to explore new careers. WAW staff encouraged the students to try careers they hadn’t considered. Students were empowered to learn about a variety of careers that could lead to well-paying jobs in high-growth careers. Upon completion of the Career Exploration simulations, school guidance counselors worked with students to enroll in CTE, where appropriate, to gain the skills and certifications leading to a well-paying career.


In just the first four weeks of usage, 1,100 individual students explored new career paths and CTE enrollment increased by 18%!

“This program is creating 5-star recruits: Teachers are empowered and engaged, students are better qualified and ready for success on day one. Students with a higher academic achievement rate are being attracted to industry — creating leaders of the future — and more kids are staying in the community because of local, well-paying jobs.”

– Donny Jones, COO West Alabama Works 


Partnership with automotive manufacturers augments Transfr training outcomes

Teaming up with local employers such as Mercedes, WAW provided funding to help Brookwood schools create the first Modern Manufacturing program for 11th and 12th grade students in the state.

  • Incorporating Transfr immersive career exploration into in-school programs and “Worlds of Work” events introduces middle-school students to career options and strengthens interest in CTE, including the benchmark Modern Manufacturing program
  • TRANSFR’s Virtual Training Facility was also integrated into CTE programs in fall 2021
  • Modern Manufacturing program expansion to 20 schools planned for 2022. 



Career Exploration

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Local Workforce Development Boards win big with Transfr

In January of 2021, the Economic and Government Relations team discussed supply and demand gaps within secondary education with key Alabama leaders. Ed Castile with the AL Industrial Development Training (AIDT) has been one of Transfr’s key partners since 2017, when he saw the immediate impact with Lockheed Martin.


WAW and AIDT partnered with Transfr, securing state funding to support 20 high schools throughout 4 of the 7 LWDB regions. The Modern Manufacturing Program (MMP) is focused on helping youth and adult learners gain needed credentials to be prepared for a career in modern manufacturing after graduation.

“Alabama is building a highly skilled workforce. Excited to be at Brookwood Technical High School this morning with ALBOE Member Belinda McRae and tour the Modern Manufacturing Program.”

– Alabama State Superintendent of Education, Eric Mackey, Ed D, announcing the partnership via Twitter


Outcomes since September 2021

  • 394 youth learners participating in Modern Manufacturing Program
  • 175 adult apprentices participating in automotive program
  • 66 youth apprentices working with Mercedes-Benz 


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