Boys & Girls Clubs Explore Careers via Immersive VR

Student using headset

Boys & Girls Clubs Students Explore Career Options via Immersive Experiences from Transfr

Ten Boys & Girls Clubs (BGCs) across Montana are currently using Transfr’s immersive technology for career exploration after receiving a $1.586 million grant from the Governor’s Office’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) fund for the program. The grant covers November 1, 2021 to September 30, 2023 and provides 75 Transfr headsets for the

Boys & Girls Clubs.


Montana Clubs hope to lessen the impacts of COVID on learning loss and job-readiness by helping youth engage in career exploration utilizing VR technology. Transfr’s VR technology and services provide programming for youth to enhance career preparation by using simulations of real jobs in actual industries. Montana youth can explore job options that might not have occurred to them. Equipped with new insights into their possible career paths, they can pursue academic coursework and pastimes to help prepare them for job opportunities in Montana that support their long-term goals and support local employers’ needs.

“How do we get kids excited, especially as they start getting older? When we saw this technology, we were like ‘Eureka!’ It was the tool that we were looking for. It’s the sugar, the sprinkles on top!”

– Brian Dennis, President and CEO, Boys & Girls Club of Yellowstone


Transfr’s simulations deliver over 20 dynamic career exploration simulations to Montana youth over the course of the grant period. These occupations span multiple industries, including automotive, advanced manufacturing, construction, public safety, skilled trades, warehousing and logistics, and hospitality and tourism.


“We’re going to get kids really excited to learn about careers because we have this technology.”

– Cindy Luoma, schools instructor and B&GC partner



Career Exploration

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Program Goals

 BGCs equipped with VR headsets and digital support will offer a minimum of 23+ career pathways for youth to explore!
• At least 1,125 youth will complete on average 10 virtual career pathways by September 2023
• Increase the number of youth participating in workforce readiness programming at Clubs
• Survey 75% of youth annually to help them learn how interests, aptitudes, and skills relate to  an occupation/career pathway, with demonstrated increase in knowledge of skills required for the job
• Increase youth knowledge of available in-demand career opportunities in Montana


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