Transfr’s Augmented Reality Experience: Find Your Calling — from Anywhere!

Transfr’s augmented reality (AR) experience is a compelling way for students to discover career opportunities in the trades — manufacturing, construction, and more — in five key states with huge job growth in these fields.

Sound exciting?! Scan the QR to launch the experience and explore it for yourself. You can also visit ExperienceTransfr on your mobile device. (This AR experience is not optimized for desktop).

Got questions? Click here for our AR Experience FAQ.


Step into an immersive AR experience where you can:


Explore a variety of trades in one of several 3D environments. 

Get specific information about different careers, like who’s hiring in your state, where to train, average salaries, and what your career might look like 10 years from now.


Offer students an exciting way to explore career opportunities in your state.

Access a dashboard with data-driven insights into which careers students are most interested in.


Get directly in front of students and showcase your career opportunities in a fun, approachable way.

Set yourself apart from cluttered job boards and boost awareness for the employment opportunities you’re seeking to fill.


The Transfr augmented reality experience is a mobile phone application-based AR experience that enables you to learn about jobs in manufacturing, training in VR for manufacturing jobs, the schools training for these jobs, and employers hiring for these jobs in each state with the backing of real data sources from the US Department of Labor.

You do not need a website, sticker or QR to enter the experience, just go to and tap launch. You can also get to the website quicker and more easily by scanning the QR code which takes you to and the rest of the experience is the same.

Currently, there is no cost to try out or be a part of the 2022 Manufacturing Month AR Experience. We will let you know if this changes in future versions, way before it does. 

Manufacturing Month is an event and activity series taking place every October in all 50 states across the country with a focus on teaching students and adult learners about manufacturing jobs in that state. 

The current AR experience is all about manufacturing jobs and will be featured at various events throughout Manufacturing Month. 

In the AR experience, you get to look at 5 different jobs in manufacturing, learn about training for them in VR and discover where to do your training (associations and schools plus which employers are hiring for these jobs in your state.

The core audience is students/learners but this could also be used as a pre-demo experience at an event for schools and/or industry professionals.

The five jobs featured are Welder, Maintenance, Repair, Machinist, and Assembler.

Sure! You can use this as a great example of creating a career pathway in a high-growth industry, however, the jobs, data, and training will vary greatly between industries. 

These jobs were selected due to the number of job opportunities available, as well as the ability of a person in this job to earn a living wage plus prosper through upward mobility without a college degree in these states. 

We will consider additional jobs as we look into other industries, all though we cannot include all jobs, we are certainly up to doing research on suggested professions to see if they are a good fit for another version of this experience. Please feel free to share any suggested jobs:)

Currently, our featured states are Alabama, Ohio, Tennessee, and Illinois. 

These states were chosen by GTM for a variety of reasons including participation in a manufacturing month, number of employers, jobs, and partners in these states.

In the future, we would love to add more states, to be featured we request 5 employers, and school/ association partnerships. 

Although their state might not be currently in the experience, we hope to expand to additional states in the future, lets’s start a conversation and see how we can work work with schools, employers, and associations in their state to potentially add their state into our next AR app experience.

Absolutely, please check out another state, for now, to see how it could work in your state.

Reach out to your manager and start a conversation, as mentioned the best opportunities here are ones with connections to schools and employers. 

All leads are collected through web forms and shared through Salesforce with those connected to the state mentioned in the form.

The AR experience will be marketed through email, social media, our website, and digital ad campaigns as well as at various events in the five targeted states throughout Manufacturing Month in October 2022.

We only collect allowed data under Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), for students under 18 and have access to more form-curated data through our web forms. Our in-app data is collected to better understand our users but cannot be connected to any individual person.   

If you have a great idea, a question or any feedback for AR please share it with [email protected]

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