The Future of Manufacturing in the West

The Manufacturing industry is coming back in a big way in the US. In the Midwest and across the country, thousands of well-paying jobs in this high-growth field are going unfilled.


In a special webinar, we’ll be sitting down with local experts Jennifer Farner, Senior Manager of Learning and Development at Lucid Motors, as well as Transfr’s Soren Simonsen, Director of West Sales who are deep in the weeds in the West to talk about the opportunities and challenges for manufacturers, educators, and other groups in the area. Plus get a chance to ask questions about career exploration, the manufacturing industry, and more!


Webinar: Transfr’s The Future of Manufacturing in the West 

Date: Tuesday, April 4

Time: 12 – 1 PM PST

Location: Virtual (Zoom link sent on RSVP). RSVP to the right today!


Attendees will get a live demo of our exclusive Transfr AR Experience, which allows participants to experience five of our VR Career Exploration sims via their smartphones. Learners can explore five high-demand manufacturing jobs: Welder, maintenance person, repair technician, machinist, and assembler. This experience will hopefully inspire learners and job seekers about family sustaining opportunities in the rapidly resurging manufacturing industry. Learn more about the Transfr AR Experience here


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